Welcome to the JDE world of coffee and tea!

For more than 260 years, our name has been synonymous with exceptional coffee and tea around the global. Across Asia Pacific, we continue building on this unrivalled legacy to bring the world of coffee and tea to all the professionals preparing and serving our brands – continually enhancing the way you enjoy your coffee and tea; wherever you are.

With coffee and tea as our core focus, we provide a total solution offer including associated coffee, tea and chocolate products, equipment, training and technical service.

The best people, great products and super service.

To be the best, we've gathered the experts to Cafe Express. We have the best people in the right places, delivering outstanding products, with Super Service (less the cape and tights).


Here's a couple of beliefs that we run our business by.


If we don't love what we do,
then how can you?



For you to get the best,
we have to be the experts.




Pointing the finger causes problems.
We're about solving them.




We do the right thing because it's the right thing to do – simple!




We love to surprise and delight
our customers.



If you're looking to bring the cafe experience to your workplace – machines and all – you've come to the right place.

We own the whole process from start to finish. All you need to do is give us a bell…



From there, we'll…


Connect with your business


Ask what your needs are


Find the right solution for you


Sort out a transparent agreement


Set you up with a Café Express account
and web log in


Install your coffee machine, or machines


Shake hands!

Throughout the process we'll:


work closely with you to make sure
what we propose resolves what
you're looking for


give you honest advice so you can make an informed decision.




We use environmentally friendly products and methods as much as possible in everyday business practices – we love our planet and want to do everything we can to ensure its longevity! Here's how.



We promote fair trade organic coffees and ethical teas over the norm.




We choose our suppliers carefully, reviewing their environmental sustainability practices before engaging.




We keep our power use, packaging waste, and water use to a minimum.




We listen! If you've got a good green idea, then we want to hear it!




Café Express offers a Green catalogue, full of fair-trade, ethical, and environmentally sustainable products like:



fair trade fresh and instant coffee




ethical tea




ecostore cleaners




biodegradable cups, plates, and cutlery




B_E_E sustainable cleaning products




wooden stirrers made from sustainable pine.




Our two major tea brands, Bell Tea and Twinings, are both active members of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). The ETP is a global industry initiative that looks to monitor and improve living and working standards on tea estates worldwide.


The ETP focuses on six key areas of estate life:



employment (including minimum age and wage levels)






health and safety




basic human rights.


The partnership has recently reviewed its monitoring programme and developed a new Standard which provides robust minimum requirements in all key areas of labour practices in the tea industry and is based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code.


It has also been expanded to capture best practices in community provisions on housing, education and healthcare as well as environmental indicators including water, waste, energy and soil.


Find out more about the
Ethical Tea Partnership.